Quality & Internal Controls

High quality surface finishing is all about consistency and careful attention to detail.

We maintain a frequent schedule of third-party independent lab analysis of our hard chrome baths to ensure consistency and quality of plating. In between these inspections, we perform our own weekly maintenance staying within stringent tolerances and our industry standards. We also employ a reverse osmosis process for our water instead of relying on city water.

The rinse water for our electroless nickel plating is consistently purified using a proprietary evaporator to change water three times more frequently than the industry average. This ensures higher consistency of quality. Our titrations also exceed industry minimum daily requirements.

Exceeding Expectations

United Surface Finishing consistently meets EPA requirements for air quality, emissions, disposal of waste debris, and waste discharge. Furthermore, we carefully document for every job the temperature, amperage, plating time, plating thickness, operator verification, tank ID, date, pre/post inspection notes and measurements. This documentation is filed for seven years. (Certified test coupons for EN are also available upon request.)

Status Updates

While your job is on our shop, we provide status updates as often as necessary by phone, fax, or email. If for some reason, you don’t reach one of us when you call, our goal is to reply within 60 minutes during business hours (8:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday).

We operate 3 shifts Monday through Friday so that we can turn your job quickly. If necessary, we can also expedite your order with weekend hours.                       




We’re proud of the fact that our ownership has been consistent over the years. Not only does this provide for good financial stability, but it allows our customers to trust that we’re here to stay. Our staff also contributes to this sense of stability. Our average plater has over 20 years of experience. In a culture where people change jobs frequently, we have a team that is steady.